Monthly Featured Charity Project

Nikibasika, meaning “it is possible” in the Western Ugandan language of Runyankole, is the theme of our learning and development project in Kasese, Uganda.

There are 51 children in Kasese that come from families who have been affected by HIV Aids or civil wars and a group of Canadians have taken it upon ourselves to sponsor them and ensure that they have a chance to understand that “it is possible.” We will work with this group of children over the next 12 years until we have given every single one of them the chance to become a self-sustaining healthy adult who has chosen a career path that they enjoy and is suited to them.

In order to ensure that this happens the project will fund all of the basic needs of the 51 children right through whatever post secondary education they choose and incorporate career and life skills development such as basic health practices, financial management, career planning and self-awareness and respect.

Throughout all of this, we recognize that the children at Nikibasika will be among the more privileged children in Kasese so we will incorporate ways for them to give back to their community, just as we have given to them.

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