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Charity:Water was originally founded by Scott Harrison in 2006, after he fell in love with the shores of West Africa and wanted to find a way to give back to the 1.2 billion poverty-stricken residents of Liberia. Since he created this group, they’ve set out to help the over 800 million people across the globe who have no access to clean water. Tt has helped fund 6,185 projects in 19 countries, and in 2011 they reached 2 million people served. They’ve helped to build wells all over Africa so that villagers no longer have to walk 5 miles to a fresh tap. This has even reduced the number of sexual assaults in these areas, as women are more often the ones who must make these perilous journeys.

Charity:Water has become extremely popular in the mainstream charity world, mostly due to its engaging social media marketing campaign. To find out more about their cause, check out this informative video, narrated by Veronica Mars star Kristin Bell!