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Koh Sang Woo is a South Korean photographer and painted who moved to the United States in 1994 and now works in New York City. His solo exhibitions have gone all over the world, from Chicago to Hong Kong, and is frequently featured at the Armory show in New York. In order to get the intense color effect that identifies his work, he paints directly on the bodies on his portrait subjects and then reverses the photograph image in post-production so that everything is distorted. The effect is, as one critic puts it, “a kind of release and defiance, beautifully rendered.” Koh believes primarily in challenging the fundamental ideas of beauty so that they are all-encompassing and deeply emotional, and this desire the break convention is why we think he perfectly represents what the community at Love and Water should be!

This image is from 2010 and can be paired with Realize Your Beauty, which we featured on the blog several weeks ago!