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This week our water profile is for the charity 3for5!

First founded in 2008 by David and Lenee Fuelling, this organization seeks to provide clean water to people in developing countries. child dies from a preventable water-related illness every 21 seconds, but if those with the means to do so contributed as little as $5 to help solve the clean water crisis, and then convinced three of their friends to do the same, then each of those people would be able to make a huge difference in many lives. With their first $50,000, 3for5 is partnering with Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) to provide water to schools in Nigeria; they’ve also worked with Water For People to help provide water for villages and schools in Malawi.


Check out their website here! And go see the t-shirt on the Love+Water Designs website that was inspired by 3for5 – part of the proceeds for that shirt goes directly to the charity!