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Antonio Briceno is a photographer from Carcas, Venezuela, who specializes in landscapes and portraits of indigenous peoples in South and Central America. His photographs have been published in several books, newspapers, and magazines in Venezuela and around the world, and several of his exhibitions have toured globally. He has also participated in exhibitions sponsored by “Art Works for Change,” a group that creates contemporary art exhibitions to address critical social and environmental images. His 2010 series “Millions of Pieces: Only One Puzzle” explored the environmental issues in Rwanda’s ecosystem for World Environment Day. We think he’d be a great addition to the Love and Water community because he pays special attention to the lives of his subjects and works to bring attention to indigenous cultures that typically go unnoticed by mainstream society.

This image from Briceno’s “Gods of America” series could be matched with the Amazon Conservation Association, which works to protect the Amazon basin in Peru and Bolivia.

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