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Xenobia Bailey originally studied ethnomusicology at the University of Washington; this passion for the sounds and instruments of different non-western cultures transformed into a similar passion for all forms of African and Asian craftsmanship. After moving to Brooklyn and learning to crochet, she began to make and sell colorful African-American-inspired that have been featured on the Cosby show, in Spike Lee films, in fashion magazines, and on Etsy. Her detailed work with acrylic yarn is incredibly impressive, and she’s had exhibitions at the Studio Museum of Harlem, the Allentown Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design, and many more. She is also an artist-in-residence at Pittsburgh’s Society for Contemporary Craft, at the Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation in New York City. We think she’d be an amazing addition to the Love and Water Community because her art is both socially and culturally conscious and wearable, as we want the art on our website to be!

This piece, “Bit by Bit, Little by Little” could be paired with Art Aids Art, a group that attempts to support South Africans affected with HIV and AIDS by promoting education and stimulating the local art community.