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Charles McGill is a multidisciplinary artist who uses found objects, graphic design, essay, performance, and various forms of visual art. Much of his work is related to race relations and to the sport of golf, which is stereotypically thought of as a white man’s game. He blends these themes together through satire and sociopolitical messages. His work has been reviewed by the New York Times, Art in America, and The International Review of African American Art, and his work has been exhibited all across New York and Connecticut. He also holds several adjunct professorships at community colleges in hese areas as well. We think that he would be a great addition to the Love and Water community because not only does he create thought provoking work, but through teaching he can reach the next generation of artists with these messages and methods of expression.

This piece from his website, entitled “Glow,” could be paired with Smile Train, an organization that provides cleft palette lip surgeries to children in developing nations.

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