This month, Love and Water is looking to fundraise money so that we can re-launch our website. To do that we’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign!

Here are the details:

What we’re looking to raise:

$20,000, $20 at a time


We want to redesign our webpage to make it more user friendly (which will take $10,000), set up scholarships for our Youth Board ($8,000), and travel around the country ($2,000) to speak to different artists and charities about the work we can do!

We’re also looking to make $100,000 in revenue this year so that we can give at least $25,000 back to the charities and $5,000 to the artists who create the designs.

How can you help?

By checking out our Indiegogo campaign and contributing whatever you’re able to give! Even a dollar more will help us reach our goal, but we’d love for you to give as much or as little you can!

If you can’t contribute monetarily to our campaign, you can still help us out by forwarding the link to family, friends, and anyone else who might want to help us raise money! We appreciate any support you’d like to send our way!

The link to our campaign is here. Please help in any way you can!