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This month our featured charity project is Nikibasika!

Nikibasika, means “it is possible” in the Western Ugandan language of Runyankole. The charity hope to provide Kasese, Uganda, with all the opportunities and support  that they can. In order to do they are working to help children from the region to continue their education and become self-sustaining, healthy, well-adjusted adults. A team of Canadian volunteers have been aiding and funding the basic needs for this group of 51 children through whatever post-secondary education plan they choose for themselves, and, over the next 12 years, hope to give the children ample room to develop their own skills in career-planning, financial management, general health, and confidence. 

f this has inspired you to create a t-shirt design for Nikibasika, submit it to our February Featured Design Project! Or check out their website to see what kind of specific help they give!