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Founded in 1903 by Flora D’Auby Jenkins Kibbe and named for the Scottish phrase meaning “Stay a while,” Bideawee is the oldest humane organization in the United States and specializes in caring for animals. They operate out of New York City, Long Island, and Westhampton, and believe that relationships between humans and companion animals are incredibly important. Bidawee offers veterinary services, adoption programs, and many volunteer groups, where you can bring their pets to visit the elderly and disabled as a form of pet therapy, or bring your dog to be audience members for a club that helps shy young children learn to read aloud. They also provide educational programs, animal hospital visits, dog park services, and pet loss support groups. There’s even a camera synced up to controls which you can use to remotely play with a kitten in their in their adoption centers!

Bidawee doesn’t have a profile with us yet, but if you want to check out the work that Bideawee does, you can go to their website here! You can also submit a design for Bideawee to our Artist’s Choice this month!