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name: Caley Vickerman
occupation: Actress, Haiku Mistress, Educator, L+W Youth Board Director
shirt: “Growth Of Africa”
charity: Rootz Rising

artist: Philip Pierre Louis

Where are you from? 
The most lovely city in the universe; Minneapolis, MN.

What do you do? 
I do work that lies In the intersection and education.  It is essential for me to do creative work that serves a greater community.  My two favorite projects currently are my work with Love + Water Designs as the Youth Director and creating and implementing interactive events with my organization, the Guerilla Haiku Movement.

What would you do if you could do anything your heart desired, right now?
There was no snow at home over Christmas this year (unheard of in Minneapolis) because of this I missed out on snow-tubing with my cousins and their kids.  I hear they have snow now…and I want to sneak back for a little tubing! 

What do you love about your Love and Water Designs shirt? 
I love how often people comment on my Love + Water shirts and want to know what the images mean.  I miss the grocery line conversations with strangers (that are a constant in the Midwest) and with L+W shirts I get some of those conversations generated even in busy NYC!