Happy 2012!  To ring in the New Year, Love and Water Designs has two ways you artists can join and participate in our community to create WEARABLE PHILANTHROPY!
Artist’s Choice
The Love and Water Designs community is getting back to its original goal, which is to let the artists choose their charities and match them to their work.  We are passionate about providing a platform for  artists who love to give back a place to share their work and have the opportunity to raise awareness and money for worthy causes in doing so.
So this month we have the Artist’s Choice project where you can do just that!  Create your profile (if you haven’t already, and if you have, feel free to add to it, update it with a photo and post on your own wall!), scroll through our list of charities, find ones you want to support and begin submitting your designs in their name!
We will then help you spread the word like wildfire through the internet, to bring people to notice your work and the cause you support.
Featured Charity
We are also featuring ForByFor.org (http://loveandwaterdesigns.com/charities/forbyfor) this month, for which we are calling for designs in order to raise awareness and money for their big event coming up in February, where the chosen artist’s shirt will be featured and sold like mad.  So please, send us your designs for this incredible cause!

Stay tuned for more exciting news, every day of the week!