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Happy New Year! Love + Water has a lot of new projects and changes in store for 2012, and to kick things off, our featured organization this month is For|By|For!
For|By|For’s mission statement is “art for the people, by the people, for the greater good.” The group showcases art by new artists who seek to bring awareness to charitable organizations. They hold regular exhibitions in the New York City Wix Lounge that are meant to inspire those who see the works on display, and the proceeds from sales made at the exhibitions go to the charity that the artist has represented through their work.
Obviously we share a common cause with For|By|For and are so excited to be working with them! IF you’d like to submit a design for a t-shirt inspired by For|By|For, head on over to our website to send one in! Or if you’ve been inspired by another charity, submit one for our Artist’s Choice!