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This week we’ll be taking a look at 3for5!
The idea that inspired 3for5 was first conceived in early 2008. After a discussion with friends one night about, David Fuelling and his wife, Lenee, were concerned about how the lack of clean water in developing countries was affecting the health of millions; the situation is so bad in some parts of the world that every 21 seconds, a child dies from a preventable water-related illness, most commonly diarrhea.
It occurred to David that if those with the means to do so contributed as little as $5 to help solve the clean water crisis, and then convinced three of their friends to do the same, then each of those people would be able to make a huge difference in many lives. Lenee coined the name 3for5, and with that the non-profit organization was born.

Since then, 3for5 has evolved in a massive community, each of whom has contributed $5 and invited three friends to contribute $5. If this happens over and over again, in 15 waves the organization can reach 20 million people!

With their first $50,000, 3for5 is partnering with Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) to provide water to schools in Nigeria. The organization is also participating in a joint initiative with Water For People to help provide water solutions to 20 villages and 5 schools in Chikhwawa, Malawi.

You can check out their website and do your part to help those in need by clicking here. And go see the t-shirt on the Love+Water Designs website that was inspired by 3for5 – part of the proceeds for that shirt goes directly to 3for5!

Also, a while back we interviewed founder David Fuelling about 3for5 – click here to read!