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This week we’ll be taking a look at the Possibility Project!
Originally founded in 1994, this organization first began in Washington D.C. as a way to empower teenagers to overcome the culture of violence and racial division that infected out nation’s capitol at the time. The group’s first performance was produced in that year, and the program became so popular that City at Peace-DC had to begin a second program in 1997, and soon after began to branch out to other cities such as Santa Barbara, Los Angelos, New York, Baton Rouge, Cape Town, South Africa, and even an exchange project in Israel.
The goal of the Possibility Project is to engage teenagers in using art to create social change. Each program meets once a week for a year, during which the youth members participate in conflict resolution, issue-oriented discussion, and performing arts training. Every year the cast writes, produces, and performs an original musical based on their lives and design and lead community action projects based on the issues they’re interested in. As a result, they learn leadership, gain confidence and independence, and engage in creative problem solving
Since the Possibility Project began, their programs have engaged over 2,000 youth participants, produced 56 original musicals witnessed by over 40,000 live audience members, and created more than 60 community action projects – and they aim to continue growing in an effort to empower youths to create better lives for themselves and their communities.
If you want to help get involved by joining a project or attending a show, check out the Possibility Project website! And, of course, you can always buy a Possibility Project inspired t-shirt from the Love and Water Design website!