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In addition to our October project, for a limited time we’ll also be featuring Jacob’s Cure, a non-profit foundation dedicated to finding a cure for Canavan Disease.

Canavan Disease is a rare genetic neurological disorder that affects about 200 children born every year. An enzyme deficiency causes the myelin between cells in the brain, which transmit nerve impulses, to rapidly deteriorate, and those affected by this disease become paralyzed and unable to move their bodies; they also suffer from seizures and lose their ability to see and swallow. Typically these children die before they reach their 10th birthday.

Jacob’s Cure was named for Jacob Holovach, who was diagnosed with Canavan Disease at six months. His mother, Jordana, founded the organization to fund research, improve the quality of life for those afflicted with the disease, and provide support to families of diagnosed children. Currently the group is committed to funding stem cell research that, if successful, could be used to treat Canavan Disease as well as many other genetic disorders.

This is a really fantastic cause and we’re happy to feature it! Send in a design soon, though, because this project has a very limited run!