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Canvas a Park day was a success! Though it was a windy day downtown, we managed to spread the word about Love+Water all over Battery Park! Here’s just some of what we did:
We left stickers with QR codes to access our website where some casual passersby might see them…

As well as some great haikus about Love+Water!

Think, Love and Water
You need them to survive
Come help out the cause!
On this windy day
Love+Water Designs is
Here to make you smile!
Ride the winds of change
With Love+Water Designs!
(Don’t get blown away!)
Love and Water is
Wearable Philanthropy
Art, Love, Charity
This was the first event that our new Youth Board got involved in and they had a lot of fun talking to people and making sure the Love+Water message was heard!
Looks like they even got Lady Liberty herself involved!
Finally, the NYU Cleftomaniacs came and performed for us in Battery Park while wearing some of Love+Water designed t-shirts. They drew quite a crowd!
Thanks to everyone who helped out and made this event possible. If you couldn’t come out on Saturday, don’t worry, we’ll have another event for Love+Water soon where you can show your support!