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Get ready for a fun and exciting event! On Saturday October 15th, we will be hosting “Canvas the Park Day” in Bowling Green Park, New York City, from 12pm to 3pm to raise awareness for Love+Water Designs!

Think of it as a sort of guerilla marketing scavenger hunt: you and your friends will be divided into teams of three to place stickers around town for Love+Water Designs, except you’ll have specific (and fun!) instructions about who to give them to and where to place them. Post pictures on Twitter to track your progress (someone in your group must have a Twitter account) and compete to be the team with the most stickers placed!

After we’re done canvassing the area, join us back at the park for a free performance. The a cappella group known as the NYU Cleftomaniacs will be performing as well as our main event, the hip hop duo Duece Iconz! It’ll be a show you won’t want to miss, so come by Bowling Green Park on Saturday for a fun day of canvassing and music!

Check out the event on Facebook to RSVP and get some more information. We hope to see you there!