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We are thrilled to announce that Love + Water Designs is now collaborating with Changents and Reco Jeans in support of ROOTZRISING, an organization with a mission to empower, nourish, and educate woman and children who need the opportunity to wield power, education, and proper nourishment.
As a power of three, we are set out to fund ROOTZRISING’s mission through the sale of our ROOTZRISING limited-edition t-shirt. Profits from the t-shirts will help build and grow a sustainable garden for a community in need, enabling them to care, support, and love themselves and the ones around them.

When you purchase a limited-edition t-shirt, you will help this garden grow, grow, and grow! And, each time you put on that shirt, know that you are spreading awareness for such a wonderful cause; know that your support will help foster a beautiful garden for a community in need.