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Love and Water Designs has partnered with Changents and Reco Jeans to spread the word about our ROOTZ RISING limited-edition t-shirt.  Read more about this incredible organization below, as ROOTZ RISING founder Rachel Zedeck and Love and Water Designs founder Alexis Fedor talk about their collaboration and how you can help!
How Many Shirts Does It Take To Build A Garden?
by Alexis Fedor

How many t-shirts does it take to build a garden?  Since Love and Water Designs has partnered with ROOTZRISING to create a t-shirt that expresses the mission of the charity, we have been pondering this question and realizing one truly inspiring answer: IT DOESN’T TAKE THAT MANY!

If we sell two rounds of limited-edition ROOTZRISING shirts, we can give ROOTZRISING enough to build an entire garden.  That’s a garden that will feed a community.  A garden that will empower a group of women and children to farm, to grow their own food, to nourish themselves, to understand that the power within their own hands is enough to fully sustain their lives and the lives of others who they love and care for.  That they have more than enough to share and share and share…

That we have enough to share, to purchase one shirt that makes such a significant contribution to not only raising financial support bu also awareness for this cause.  Because each time you wear your shirt, and someone asks you what the design stands for, you have the answer.  And that conversation is one that spreads empowerment to all who are engaged with you.  

That is why, with the sale of these shirts, the possibilities are endless…

The Power of “1” can Change the World
by Rachel Zedeck
We have all been asked to give to support humanitarian campaigns whether locally in the US or more recently for projects in Haiti and Japan. But do you ever feel like “what the use?”  After all, what chance can 1 person really accomplish?  I not only believe but know that you have the power to change the world!  Don’t forget that changing 1 piece of the world has affected change and cannot think of a better change than teaching children to grow, nutritious food! After all, one of them could be the be the next Nelson Mandela, Mark Zuckerberg, Komla Dumor or even an Oprah Winfrey!
The journey to start the Backpack Farm has been a wild ride both rewarding and terrifying.  The decision to start our sister NGO ‘ROOTZ’ (Rising) was a natural extension of our work to support smallholder farmers in Africa with green agri-tech and training.  So when Alexis form Love & Water Designs approached me about a T-shirt campaign I was thrilled, no matter how much money it raised.  Change is not only about money but action and this was a team committed to reaching out to me in Africa and taking action to support a cause they could believe in, farming & child nutrition!  
So here are a few ways you can take action with or without spending 1 dime!
  1. Participate in the Changents contest: post a picture of your garden, a beautiful veggies with a fabulous tag line!  
  2. Tweet or post the campaign in your Facebook page!
  3. Tell a friend what you’ve learned about child nutrition, food aid and the power of farming and food!
  4. Yes, buy a T-shirt and support construction of a 1 acre, school garden. We plan to commemorate this garden to each of you who buys a Tshirt demonstrating the collective power of “1.”  
We’ve all been inundated by campaigns asking us to end hunger, using the face of a malnourished child.  No donation is going to magically end child malnutrition. I believe farming is the only practical way forward.  You might ask me as a social entrepreneur, why launch an non-profit?  I do believe non-profits have a role to play.
I am so happy to be launching this new venture with the love and support of my parents as well as an amazing board of women!  Right now the ‘ROOTZ’ team is taking baby steps and will share both our challenges and success with you.  Today, we celebrate our launch and the relationship with Love and Water Designs. I am pleased to introduce you to Alexis, the woman behind the brand with her thoughts on their role in helping to end child malnutrition through the power of farming!