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Love and Water LOVES Love and Trash, the DIY blog “for people who do things differently.”  That’s why we got in touch with Jessica Reeder, also known as The Hun, in hopes of being able to give a huge shout out to her and her AMAZING site.  We got an even better scenario: Jess volunteered to guest blog for us!  An honor.  A privilege.  A treat, to say the least, for our readers to learn about the incredible, the invincible, the inevitable Love and Trash

I know you want to make this world a better place. In fact, since you’re here reading Love&Water, I bet you’re more motivated than most people. If you’re like me, though, there’s always been a disconnect between what you want to do, and what’s actually possible. It’s easy to get totally overwhelmed by all the things you probably should be doing.
A few years ago, I realized that many of us are so overwhelmed that we shut down and don’t really do anything.
“It was then that I realized that it all was wrong, that it all had to change, and that the change had to start with me.” – Utah Phillips
I figured there were lots of people out there who, like me, needed ideas they could wrap their brains around, and a little inspiration to start living better. It started to become clear that the world needs a place where small actions are celebrated — where anything you do is good enough, as long as you are doing something. Including art, music, cooking, gardening, building stuff, sewing, and making things with your own two hands.
So I called on a bunch of my friends from the depths of the Internet, from Burning Man, from Oakland to Virginia. Also my mom. And we started Love&Trash.
Love&Trash is based on a very simple credo, which we call YES is unanimous. What it means is: If you do something but I say it sucks, you will always winYou took the initiative to do something, and all I did was complain. If I want to say “no” to something, in Love&Trash world, I’d better have another idea that I can say “yes” to.
We post about whatever we want, really. Sometimes it’s about not wearing pants for a year. Sometimes it’s inspiring stories of activism. Sometimes it’s art, sometimes it’s upcycled, and sometimes it’s ridiculous. The topic doesn’t matter: What matters is that we’re doing stuff, on $0 budget, without celebrities or TV cameras and often without any experience. We’re just doing stuff.
Love&Trash also wants you to join us. Come and share your projects on our Facebook page if you want. We are always open to new contributors and we really, really want you to tell us about the silly little (or crazy awesome) things you do. Come and play! It’s real fun, and we really are changing the world.
The Hun is also known as Jessica Reeder. She is the managing editor of Love and Trash, and the author of Uprooted, an eco/travel blog.  When The Hun is not playing in her garden, building websites, making art out of plastic bags or surfing the tubes, she enjoys going on road trips in the deserts of Nevada.