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The Blogunteer blog profiles non-profit organizations and volunteers to inspire volunteerism.  Which is why we want to spread the word about it as much as possible.  So we’ve asked Stacy Pearson, the founder of Blogunteer, to tell us more about how Blogunteer came to be.  Read on, and don’t be surprised if it makes immediately jump onto the site and dive into one of the many opportunities available to you for volunteering! 
How did Blogunteer begin?
I have wanted to create a blog for a while.  I thought about writing about pancake breakfasts or cooking, but then one day it came to me…why not write about all the organizations I have heard about over the years through my volunteer work.  At first some people didn’t understand what was hoping to do, but I think it has caught on now.  Through this blog I have learned about even more organizations and connected with inspiring individuals around the world.  I have found new ways that I can make a difference and been inspired to do more. 
What is the most moving moment you’ve had with Blogunteer?
Many of the profiles I write are moving…most organizations start because of something that happened to someone or something that impacted their family.  Since most of the profiles include the origins of an organization, I see their passion and work hard to share that passion in my writing.  When their passion overlaps with mine it is particularly moving.  One example is my profile of Hats for Happiness (http://blogunteer.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/hats-for-happiness/) – an organization that collects hats for people enduring cancer treatment.  This touched my heart because founder, “Cancer Girl”, suffered from the same cancer as my own mother. Cancer Girl took the time to share her story with me about how she discovered that she had cancer.  Another moving experience has been the current voting for the Mom Central $2000 blog grant.  I e-mailed some people and posted the link to vote on Facebook, and all of a sudden the link to vote is being shared by a ton of people…some people that I barely know and others I have never met. 
What do you want people to know most about Blogunteer?
We are always looking for organizations to profile.  Good candidates are not nationally well known organizations that offer ways for people to help.  We profile organizations from all around the world…including the United States, Africa, London and more.  You may not be able to help every organization directly, but you may be inspired to help your local community.  For example, I profiled the Detroit Area Diaper Bank, and while many of my readers don’t live in Detroit, they may be inspired to collect or donate diapers in their local community.   

Anything else we should know about Blogunteer?

My husband also does post profiles from time to time – he is a great writer and a huge supporter of all the crazy ideas that I have.   I do have a vision to become more than just a blog…I would love to start a non-profit award program to give back to the organizations that I profile.  I am inspired by other amazing people in the blogosphere that have inspired others to give back and I know that I can make an even bigger difference!