You all know Max Bode’s work by now, either from the post we did a couple of weeks ago or from reading The New Yorker, for which he was the art director for over four years.  Max makes amazing art, some of it digital, some of it drawn, some of it moving and all of it is both thought-provoking and compelling.

He made some designs for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, our Featured Charity for the month, which you can see below.  Be sure to click on the link to Vote, Comment and/or Rate the designs.  We want to know what you think!  At the end of the month, the winning design will be printed on a limited-edition t-shirt and 50% of the profits from all shirts will go to Alex’s Lemonade.  And Max could win a cash prize as well, if one of his designs is chosen.  So take a look and have your say!!