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The work of Aijung Kim is as diverse as life itself, which is exactly what she’s all about.  As she so aptly states, she doesn’t “practice a distinction between ‘fine art’ and ‘craft.”  Her work seems to exude from everything she sees and experiences, which translates into a plethora of forms, all of which happen to be outstanding in both technique and aesthetics.  It is rare to find an artist who so boldly and subtly reminds us of the richness that surrounds us everywhere we turn.  Plus, she loves designing work for charitable causes! Here is what she had to say about some of her amazing work.
 Art 180 Calendar
Pen and Ink with digital color
I did the illustrations for the Art 180 Calendar (http://art180.org). The organization provides art programs to youth facing challenging circumstances. It was fun creating drawings based on quotes by the children in the programs. Digital color and design was done by Erin Potter of Punch Design (http://theartofimpact.com)

  Gathering (Autumn)
Linocut and Monotype
I was interested in depicting a nest and other objects from nature. The original idea was to print these objects as one grouping, and then cut and collage the different elements into other work. But I ended up liking it as a whole, so I stuck with that. I tend to create images that I have grander plans for, which simply end up as a grouping or sequential composition.
 I Went Hunting
This piece is based on a song of the same name by Alasdair Roberts, about a man who witnesses a woman turning into a goose. I like the strange, folktale-ish quality of the imagery. I came up with this piece to include in a charity exhibit where all the art is to be hung in record bags, and artwork must be based on a piece of music. I love to create artwork based on poetry and stories, and I plan to keep going in this narrative vein. I’d love to create an illustrated book soon, be it a children’s book, a fable, or a chapbook of poetry. I’m sure I will get to all three in due time.

Love Poster – for the One Kind Word Project
Pen and Ink
I love working in black and white for its graphic simplicity. This poster was created for One Kind Word, a project that invites people to submit art and writing based on words of kindness. You can find out more about the project here: http://onekindwordproject.org
  Minutiae No. 2
I love to write and illustrate little books. It’s actually been over a year since I did my last one, but life has been very busy lately! I don’t know when I’ll get time to make another, but I am constantly gathering material and ideas for new books.
Acrylic and gel transfer on wood
I created a series of paintings of fruits and veggies for my favorite cafe in Richmond, VA – Harrison Street Coffee Shop. It was an interesting process to scout out beautiful veg and then have to draw it soon enough so that it didn’t get wilty or saggy! I love drawing food and vegetables.
Watercolor and collage
Another piece I donated to an auction benefiting the Richmond Young Writers Program.
I enjoy working with monotype, which is a form of printmaking that produces one-of-a-kind prints. There are many different ways you can create texture and interesting compositions. I created a series of monotypes for an art show, and I really focused on color for this one.

Visit Aijung’s site: http://aijungkim.com/home.html
Etsy Store: http://sprouthead.etsy.com