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Eric C. Lu has very little to say about his work, and that’s actually fine with me.  Upon first glance I noticed that he has incredible technique and he has honed his craft to be able to let what is moving him take over.  He’s colorful, creative and not in the least afraid to be messy.  This last part is what seals the deal for me in saying that his work is masterful.  Because in order to be messy, you first have to be one hell of a good craftsman, at least in my opinion.  Here is what he had to say:

I graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2005 and have worked in publishing and also as a concept designer for film and advertising. But my personal work really changed after my travels to Asia (Taiwan and Hong Kong), where a lot of what I saw and experienced strongly influenced my point of view. The work feels like an extension or separate world that is constantly growing and influenced by my experiences. From my perspective, it’s like I’m just an interpreter for this separate world and that it will always exist in some way. A common idea that occurs in a lot of the work is the observation that all things are impermanent and that nothing can stay the same forever.

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