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Jesse LeDoux has an incredible sense of art AND design, which gets us really excited.  He is a naturally talented artist who has an amazingly unique take on design, which gives his work depth, meaning and an allure that is reminiscent of a little art deco and some 1970’s silkscreens that I’m particularly fond of.  So, he’s talented, versatile and has a great sense of humor about it all.  What’s not to love?  Here is what he had to say about some of his work:
Exit Strategy


I did the Exit Strategy drawings for a gallery show of the same name last year in Chicago. The work was about finding ways to escape the stresses in life. Stress is a normal part of our life, and how we choose to deal with those stresses help to define who we are and how we interact with the world. Medium – ink and gouache on paper.
Little Ones


The Little Ones’ music, from the surface, are simple pop songs. Yet with further listens, I feel there are layers of depth to their music. The bird is meant to symbolize the idea that there is more than what initially meets the eye. The bird becomes its own ecosystem where much more life exists. Medium – screen print on paper.


I created this for the grand opening of the now-defunct Kong Gallery in Mexico City. They wanted something ‘Kong’ themed, whether that meant ‘Hong Kong,’ ‘Donkey Kong,’ ‘King Kong’… I liked the idea of the ghost of King Kong still haunting the Empire State Building. Just because he’s dead, it doesn’t mean he’s gone. They took all the ‘Kong’ themed pieces from the inaugural show and made a small book of them all. Medium – offset on paper.


To me, Clinic sound like an elusive shape-shifter that sneaks up to pull you into its
pulsating underlair. This poster is a pretty literal representation of what I hear when I listen to them.
Elliott Smith


Elliott was staying in New York City when I was asked to do this record cover. I imagined him holed up, alone, writing songs for his next record (which sadly ended up being his last), with the bustle of the city outside. Sometimes the largest cities are where life can be the most quiet and isolated. Medium – 7″ record cover.


The singer wanted a boat on the cover. The title of the EP was ‘True Love,’ so I attempted to create something that tied in closely with the title, yet didn’t ooze cuteness. My solution was to build a boat out of simplified shapes and use hearts to make an abstracted cloud of smoke.  Medium – CD EP cover.
Rome Snowboards


Rome’s line of ‘Detail’ boards are for the “tough” women snowboarders. I’ve found my work responds best with tough gals and wimpy guys (myself being the latter of the two). I wanted the boards to graphically all tie in together yet work well independently. Since there are rarely (never, perhaps) any sort of credit to the artists when it comes to snowboard graphics, I successfully (secretly) spelled LeDoux across the 4 boards. Ha! Hooray for egos! Medium – 4 snowboardsVisit Jesse’s site: http://ledouxville.com/site/index.php
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