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Cristóbal Schmal is an illustrator with a penchant for the times.  He has a way of capturing the past and the present at the same time, as if he is saying we are all in motion and yet very similar to those who came before us.  His illustrations have appeared in countless magazines and publications, further testament that the world at large sees the incredible force behind his work.  Here is what he had to say about some of his pieces:

This is the open spread page for Baku Magazine Moscú about 4 Russian poets
BerliNordik is an international platform that brings together young talented designers from Berlin with their colleagues from Nordic countries on the subject of sustainable design.
That’s was a personal project about sports. I was trying to find some simple effect inspired by Woodcut Print
That was my interpretation about the city where I live.  For me Berlin is a strange city, very big and with a lot of empty spaces, and of course there’s a lot of crows
And at last, a Book Cover for a thriller.  This work has a special meaning because was one of my first professional works.
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