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Daria Jabenko’s work is utterly feminine, undeniably rich with the world’s landscapes and basically a kick-ass technique that makes everyone stop and say ‘wow!’.  We love her style, as the colors are so mesmerizing and the subject matter, although they speak to the feminine sensibility, reach across to both genders with its generous and humble worldly tone.  Be sure to visit her site for more dreamlike, amazing work.  Here is what Daria had to say about some of her pieces:
I find beauty in the every day. I absolutely love a warm cup of tea on a crisp autumn morning and drawing in my art journal. Since becoming a freelance illustrator eight years ago, I am always seeking new ways to express myself through my art, and looking for new sources of inspiration to bring beauty to someone’s day. 


I recently discovered a new illustration technique and it’s been such an inspiration for me. I created a series of illustrations called Travel. Each country is so beautiful on its own and I wanted to reflect that through my art. I’m soon going to France and I am planning on creating french illustrations that will reflect the sweet scent of croissants on the streets of Nice. There is so much to express, so much to show. 
Love Letters

This illustration is very dear to me because of its subject. It’s all about love. I tried to capture the indescribable feeling of being loved and treasured. This illustration is called “Love letters”

I created this illustration after coming back from my trip to France. I wanted to express style of Chanel and it’s elegance. She is very delicate and tender, in other words she is like a flower. When she is walking down the streets of France, there is this mystery that spreads around her like a cloud. 
Visit Daria’s site: http://www.dariadesignca.com
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