The time is almost here for Love+Water desigs to make it’s world debut!  On October 1st, our design projects will officially begin and you will be able to create your profile on our site,!

Why join our community?
Because who wouldn’t want to contribute to giving money to a large number of charities, as well as be part of a major new artistic movement?!

How do you join?
On Friday October 1st, you will be able to create your profile on our site at The rest is history in the making.

Email us at

In the meantime…
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As you know, we are all about embracing philanthropy and artistry, and communicating a greater social awareness through design, and your positively bold individuality will help us achieve just that and then some.

We want to help you find charities that inspire you and your work, and we want to help you realize what a better place the world is because of the work we can do together.  We want you to be a part of our mission. 

Join us in creating Wearable Philanthropy.
Every Drop Counts.