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Nicola Boccaccini’s photography is of an era of class and artistic fervor.  There is life and excitement and history pulsating through each piece.  It’s no wonder he has photographed artists such as Tom Waits, Alberto Sordi, Woody Allen and Henri Cartier-Bresson (shown in the last of the below pieces).   He is of the same language as these artists- unique, inventive and fearless.  Take a look at the below and then go to his site for a more full experience.

I am interested in people.  My photographs are about people, people and situations.  My subjects interact with the ambient and I try to catch all those interactions where you can find something poetic, strange or even ironic.

I am now working on long term projects about documentation of “old jobs” (like Woodturner Roncalli), manual jobs and related activities.  A sort of “documenting something” before it disappears forever is the fulcrum of my kind of photography in projects and in single shots too.  I think that every frame, every photograph that I make recalls a kind of “preservation-philosophy” showing, in a single frame, something that I saw in my own way and (thus) became a way to keep that situation alive forever!


Visit Nicola’s site: http://www.nicolaboccaccini.com