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Mercedes Laguna’s work is colorful, uplifting, deep, political and fraught with deep-rooted political and interpersonal issues.  In other words, SPLENDID!  It has been so long since I have seen work that is so deeply rooted in both exquisite technique and emotional expression.  If you’ve never been to Mexico you can see it, taste it, smell it in “Ciudad Juarez.”  Her work is an absolute celebration of the dichotomy that is life.  Here is what she had to say about some of her pieces:


This is one of the recurring subjects in my work, the couple. It´s very important in my world, as you can see. I think this painting is very simple but very powerful as well. They are looking straight into the viewer’s eyes. The woman beside the man, with him always, but she´s a strong woman, she´s at his same level.

I believe that family is one of the most important influences in our lives, much more than we think. We are all part of a family, it shapes who we are. It´s one of the themes that worries me most.
Ciudad Juárez

This illustration is for Mastodonte Editorial. It´s about the frontier in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso in USA. In Ciudad Juarez there is no future for many people, especially for girls. Every year thousands of young girls disappear and the authorities don´t do anything, there is a great drug mafia, the cartel, and the police is corrupt. How people living so close to the American dream can survive every day working so hard in factories, and seeing how their daughters die.
Happy New Year

This is just a Christmas, with a different touch, like in a detective story, there is a bar or a cabaret, where everything is mixed: the party, love, sadness, the passion, the farewell, men far away from home, etc., it´s not the typical Christmas card with joy, peace and happiness. I don´t think Christmas is that simple, it´s always complicated and I express it like this.
Mother and Boy

Another subject I have a lot of interest in: motherhood. As a mother and daughter I find it so interesting, the deep and fascinating relationship between a mother and a child. It´s such a complicated and strong relationship that I love to paint it. The mother seems to be so big and the son is trying to let himself out and to cut this strong mother that seems to drown him.

This is a typical Spanish subject I love to paint. I don´t like bullfighting, but the figure of the bullfighter is very powerful.
Visit Mercedes’ site: www.mercedeslagunas.com