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Mario Kolaric has an uncanny way of creating illustrations that not only make me feel happy but also make me look at the more serious sides of life.  His explorations of the space in between black and white are, in my humble opinion, what give his work that level of subconscious life that looks at both light and dark simultaneously.  A brilliant illustrator and deep thinker- a talent that surely deserves recognition and wants to be seen.  Here is what he had to say about some of his work:

This is one of four pages that I did for Cheap Magazine, UK.  It is the first series with a narrative, figurative theme that I did for a concept that had been haunting me, which is that everything is “between black and white…”
For years I did abstract drawings where I tried to find more about that subject, but recently I decided to explore the more figurative side of it.


for KANSAS RIVER small stories 
This is a series of illustrations for buttons for PlemPlem store in Germany… I love how some words or names can 


instantly make up stories… so I tried to give some insight to that.  Like all my work, it has the “between black and white” subject in it.


headline for BEDTIME STORIES
This is a series of illustrations that I made for Papier Gaché, France that is going to be released soon.


for new ZINE


This is one of my latest pieces that I made for my first zine.  The title will be I`LL BE MODEST, BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE THERE IS NOTHING!   It will be exhibited on a Zine Exhibition in Turkey.  This is a pilot zine, a test zine that I would like to release soon.


black drawing for BLOG
few weeks ago I started  a new blog.  Its purpose is to be a diary for me, and maybe something interesting for you.  I hope that it will help me to finish my graduate work on Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia.


Document 2, Book 1
This is one of my books that I made for exploring space “between black and white”.
Visit Mario’s site:  http://mariokolaric.wordpress.com/

Visit Mario’s online diary: http://betweenblackandwhite.tumblr.com/