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Kurt McRobert’s illustrations seem to capture action and make you think about your current surroundings, particularly if you live in NYC!  His use of color is bold but not gratuitous and his technique is simple but impressively mastered.  He also has a great sense of humor, which we can’t ever deny as a plus.  We love his work!  Here is what he had to say about some of his pieces:

My work is a simple formula. I translate things I’m interested in and things I experience into pictures.  

Williamsburg Bridge Missed Connections
Official title:  Williamsburg Bridge Missed Connections – I live in Brooklyn and a lot of my work ends up being about that.  I frequently ride my bike over the Williamsburg Bridge and I pass by all kinds of bikers, dudes on Bianchis racing by me, hip girls chugging on slow beach cruisers, intense old men on fold-ups.  This piece is about the girl gliding downhill while you’re sweaty and killing yourself trying to get past the uphill part of the bridge.
Spring in Brooklyn
 I made this when it was finally getting warm in New York and the trees were sprouting flowers and the hipsters were coming out of their apartments for some much needed sunshine.
Doomed (Together)
 I grew up on the gulf coast of Florida so I was a little pissed when I heard about the oil spill.  This piece is about how we’re all doomed and we’re all in it together.  The sisters have given up and they’re trying to enjoy our last days before the apocalypse.
You Won’t Find Your Soulmate With Headphones On
Pretty self explanatory.  Headphones are super isolating on the subway.  I still wear em anyway.
The L Train

 In keeping with the subway theme, this is one about how rush hour commuting sucks.  Don’t get me wrong, the L train is the best train in New York, but when there’s a never ending supply of people squeezing you tighter with each stop, resentment inevitably builds.
Visit Kurt’s site: http://www.kurtmcrobert.com/
Visit Kurt’s blog: http://www.artkurt.blogspot.com/