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Lambis Stratoudakis creates the most amazing art with his photography, mainly from Polaroids.  A true fashion photographer, he takes the world of “beauty” to a whole new level by deconstructing the image in a way that strips it down to its bare essence and makes us say “wow!”.  This “wow” factor, so to speak, combined with his whimsical nature- he takes underwater photos that will blow your mind- make him one of the most unique and stunning artists we’ve seen.  Here is what he had to say about some of his work:

Beetween Shiele and Klimt 
Polaroid Artistic Time Zero film

Polaroid Artistic Time Zero film

Kads Ghosts 

A Polaroid Fade to Black film. I shot it in very dark conditions to get a long exposure and used light & movement to create the effect. This is an original, with no retouching or Photoshop effects involved.

Stina and the Rays

This is a photo from my dear friend Stina.  Sun, wind and fabrics created this effect.


The Dress was designed by Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht just for this idea. The Chinese lantern is the one that I have in my living room.  Inside it I attached a small lamp for an illumination effect.

This was my first try at cerating a combination of photo & traditional painting technique.

Underwater beauty
 This was shot underwater

A portrait of a dear friend and model

Visit Lambis’ site: www.lambisstratoudakis.com