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Masako Kubo seems to have a sixth sense about her work.  While at first glance her illustrations look charming, happy and somewhat understated, if you look closer you can see the way she captures every nuance of her subject in all of the details.  And she does so in her own unique, unassuming way.  Magazines love her work, probably because they realize she is the one who will capture the details of the subject without hitting the reader over the head.  Based in Japan and the UK, she has illustrated pieces for a number of magazines and has shown her work in several shows.  Here is what she had to say about some of her lovely, beautiful pieces:

Airport Runaway


A personal piece themed on travel.


Recruiting via SNS



This is created for a story about recruiting via SNS. I like generating conceptual ideas.


Moth in the Motor



Illustration for a record cover. I love both looking and making hand-lettering.


Nature’s Circle



I made this print for a group exhibition, which is going on right now.



Making images without computer is always fun and inspiring. 

Visit Masako’s Site: http://www.masakokubo.co.uk/