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Sean Hudson likes to illustrate.  He says so on his site.  What he doesn’t say is that he is superbly intuitive as well as aesthetically gifted with the ability to create the kind of work that you could picture in both the Renaissance and in a graphic novel.  In other words, he’s a technical genius with a wild imagination.  Here is what he had to say about some of his work:

Kafka On The Shore

A personal piece that I loosely based around the Johnny Walker character in Haruki Murakami’s book Kafka On The Shore. 
Monkey King 
A personal piece. I used the story of the monkey king to describe steps in human evolution.  This one is about consciousness.  In order to be conscious we must be aware of ourselves as a being, hence the monkey kings ability to duplicate himself.  The image is also using African aesthetics.  

Net of Images 
About how difficult it is to capture a good idea. 



This piece is about conquering our egos.  

The Flies


An image about Jean Paul Sartre’s play The Flies 

Visit Sean’s site: http://seanhudsonillus.com/