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Victo Ngai finds herself in her illustrating, and we are grateful that she shares herself with us.  Her work is clearly deep, vibrant and other-worldly, with a bit of spunk, and her talent needs no introduction.  Here is what she had to say about some of her work:

Plansponsor BellsNwhistles

This piece can be considered as a milestone in my illustration career. It
was my very first published work. The piece was originally a mock-up
assignment done in Chris Buzelli’s class for a reoccuring column in
PLANSPONSOR magazine called “Bells and Whistles”. Art Director SooJin
Buzelli liked the finished piece and used it in her publication. My
working relationship with her was built from there on.




This piece was my first full-page illustration commission, I was under


much pressure and for the longest time couldn’t come up with a good


solution for the topic “new standard”. Then I remember what my portfolio


teacher Chris Buzelli once said, “Illustrators produce good work when


they are passionate about the subject matter.” So I thought to myself,


“Ok, I like drawing animals and buildings, now how do I combine the two to


make them fit?” I was very happy with how the piece turned out. It also


got into Comminication Arts, American Illustration, SOINY and 3X3. I think


Chris was right.



This piece was inspired by my childhood memory. My mom insisted that


bowlcut was the cutest hairstyle but I hated it. I thought that it made me


look like a walking mushroom.



This piece was inspired by the movie “Lost in Translation” and my personal


experience. I remember feeling like an animal striving in a human society,


a completely outcast, when I first lived in Japan. Also for some strange


reason, Bill Murray reminded me of a rhino.



This piece doesn’t really have a story but I thougt I would have it


included because it’s one of my favorite pieces and got me a Gold Medal


from the 3X3 student show.



I don’t do portraits that often. This is a portrait of Theodore Economou,


CEO of CERN pension fund, for Ai5000 magazine. Shortly after the


publication was released, I got an e-mail from Mr. Economou saying that he


enjoyed the portrait and would like to purchase the art work. It was a


great surprise and very encouraging for me.


Visit Victo’s Site: http://victo-ngai.com/#javascript;