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Kirstie Edmunds is a spectacular artist who lives in the UK whose work is like a bright, unique, fresh light of severe talent.  And she illustrates for children, to boot!  She is one of those rare illustrators whose work speaks to children and adults alike, because it is deeply intuitive in the way it speaks to the soul.  Plus, she loves tea and has a huge collection of books.  We love Kirstie Edmunds, and you can see why.  Here is what she had to say about some of her work:


This is a sample for a forthcoming Children’s book, for Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, scheduled for 2012. It’s a wonderful rhyming story, by Tiffany Strelitz Haber, about a monster who loses his “M”….


This is a self-directed piece that was inspired by a little girl I saw wearing a similar outfit. I added the heels and cat, to give it a narrative, and now it sits in a little frame on my piano at home!


This started as a painting of a witch, but I felt it deserved be a scene. I love the all the drama, and the little ghost!

Stella in the Rain

This is one of my favourites. I especially love the heavy rain and all the little details in the foreground.

Wrapping Wellies

This one has a very 50’s feel to it, especially with the colouring. It started life as a sketch I did on the train on my way into London. People were looking over my shoulder as I drew it, and it’s another of my favourites. 

Bunnies Underground

I wanted this one to be dynamic, and equally expressive. Each of the bunnies wears a carefully chosen expression, which helps the viewer to understand what’s happening in the scene.

Bears & Bunnies

This was the 2009 holiday card for Prospect Agency, sent out by my wonderful agent, Teresa Kietlinski. 

Red Riding

A twist on the story of Red Riding Hood. A girl reads the story to her cat…

Measuring Meercats

One of the first digital pieces I created. A little boy measures the height of his friend meercat…