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What I love about Michael Park, aside from his intense talent as an illustrator, is that he finds his subjects by piecing together stories from different experiences, pictures and thoughts in his life.  This is all the more fascinating to me from a viewer’s perspective when I think about how deep these stories go in his work and how moving they are to watch come to life.  As you can see, his illustrations practically jump off the page, and each have a 3-dimensional feeling to them.  Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in California, he now works in graphic design but never loses sight of his own work, thankfully for us.  Here is what Michael had to say about some of his work:

Inuit Child

For some reason I gravitate towards the Arctic.  Maybe because my love for the movie “Map of the Human Heart” and the book, “This Cold Heaven” by Gretel Ehrlich.  The Inuits who reside in Greenland are the only group of  people who had the choice of becoming modernized but decided not to.  They still travel by dog sled as opposed to petroleum driven vehicles.  It’s ironic how my petroleum consumption living in the modern world is endangering their survival… I think the girl in the picture knows this and wants to sing a song about this for me.


The Dead Game


The short story “The Specialist’s Hat” written by Kelly Link tells you how to play the Dead Game.  This picture is about a twin brothers who play the Dead Game while their father sneaks off at nights to go and have an affair with a woman in the forest.




When I was in high school, I was a bad student. I would  skip school to listen to record and draw pictures. Sometimes I would draw pictures of rockstars.  After all these years I  still do this time to time. (Drawing portraits of rockstars not skipping school)


The Flower Seller


I sometimes use search engines to pick (random) photographs to make a collage.  Then with that collage, I will use it as a starting place to make up a story.  Some of the photographs use in this collage were shanty town, an old man with hunchback, man pushing an ice cream cart in India, etc.
Visit Michael’s site: michaelparkstudio.com