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The work of Leen Van Hulst is so diverse and refreshing in many ways.  Diverse in that her subjects span from Stevie Wonder to vintage cars; refreshing in that she uses silk screen, illustrations, comics and paintings, so you never know what is going to pop up next!  Leen lives and works in Antwerp, and we are big fans of her style.  Here is what she had to say about some of her work:

Single Cover of Stevie Wonder

I made this piece for a book named ’45, A Single Cover Album’.
The book is published by our collective ‘Poste Aérienne’.  23 illustrators contributed this book
with a new design for their favourit song that has existed on a 45′ single.
A Piece of ‘Underground Comic’

This is an image from a kind of comic story I made, called ‘Underground Comic’.
It’s a story that happens in the metro of Brussels. This comic has been published in
‘Hic Sunt Leones 2’, a book that put new Flemish comic and illustrator talent in the picture.

This is an etching I made to contribute to the magazine ‘Sarah’.
Sarah magazine was a benefit project with over one hundred artists who donated a piece of art
to collect money to pay for the ear operation of a deaf girl named Sarah
Citroën SM

This is one of my latest works. It’s a piece of a series with all vintage objects.
It’s made with silk screen.  It’s just some free work; I had a lot of fun making this series.
Visit Leen’s site: www.leenvanhulst.com