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The work of Anthony Iacono is superb in every way-and never mind that he has a whole series of people wearing hats, which is what first caught my eye and my heart.  He also has a series of pomegranates, food and what he calls Meat Heads (see his site for this wonderful series).  A graduate of The School of Visual Arts, he has had shows all over NYC and Brooklyn.  His talent is obvious, and his style is unique, quirky and deeply passionate.  Here is what he had to say about some of his work:

My most popular series are my “Hat Portraits”.  They really started as an accident.  I had always been interested in making narrative still-life paintings, but they were not working out the way I had planned.  I took a great photo of a friend wearing a big fur hat that he had.  I thought it would be nice to make a small painting of him.  After I showed the piece, I got a lot of great feedback, and decided to make more. I asked my friends if I could paint them wearing hats that they had.  After a while, I had 15 different portraits.  “Grady” was the first painting that I finished.  After painting common hats, I wanted to explore the different hats I could find in my friend’s closets.  I found birthday hats, hats with ears, and other crazy hats that all had different stories of why they had them.  Since the portraits show the bust of the figures, I wanted to paint patterns on clothes, and in “Robert” the plaid was really fun to make.  My most recent body of work are also portraits, they are paintings of people that I have fantasised about.  I dressed up my sitters to show a certain “type”.  I am still painting foods and am taking photos.





Visit Anthony’s Site: http://anthonyiacono.com/