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Tae Querney was born in Seoul, Korea, moved to Seattle at age 9 and now lives in New York City with two cats.  Tae’s work has a soft, subtle quality to it that captures a fantastical quality in each subject matter she deals with.  Her use of beautiful characters combined with observations in fashion, tea or whatever strikes her fancy gives her a vehicle to merge worlds in a deep, celebratory style.  Here is what she had to say about some of her work:
This piece is done referencing Chrisitian Louboutin”s line of shoes. High heels generally makes a woman feel/look sexy. So by exploring that theme, I thought of flowers, which by nature is a very sexual organism. 
Whenever I can, I try to illustrate a topic that tickles viewer’s conscious. That’s why some of my illustrations don’t have eyes because I want the feel of the story to take over, rather than the character. Also, I hope that the viewer blocks the identity of the person in the picture, and they can place themselves in them.. the rest is up to the them. 
This is a part of personal ‘tea’ series I’m working on at the moment.. I recently learned a lot about teas, and found that each kind have their own deep history and healing properties, and I want to celebrate that.

Visit Tae’s Site: http://www.taequerney.com/