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Simon Goinard’s art was so exciting to me the first time I laid eyes on it, mainly, I think, because I’m such a huge fan of the Renaissance and his work seems to have jumped right out of that era into our modern world.  There are not many artists who have such mastery over their craft as Simon does, as well as a humble disposition that also seems to appear in his work.  His work speaks volumes when left to the eye, but here is what he had to say about  some of his pieces:

At the beginning it was a short project done with a friend of mine, a conversation in images between us, and then it evolved into something a bit different as time passed. It’s a short animated film now and we’re still working on it to this day. It’s as experimental as a film as it was as a conversation but that’s what’s good about it!

These pictures were a commission work done for a musical project based on Gustave Courbet’s origin of the world. The finalisation of the work involve contemporary classical music, poetry and a small illustrated book which the pictures were used for.
A scriptwriter friend of mine proposed me to work on an illustration book project based on a japanese faery tale that he rewrote for the occasion, and so Tennoji was born. I must admit It was pretty funny to paint his ideas; I like the disturbing feeling that can emerge between western paintings and oriental themes.


Sketchbooks are an important part of a painter’s life. This small book of 100 pages is done only in ink and was created in one summer, between discussions at the pavement area of a friend’s café located in an ancient tower in south of France.


Last one of my experimentations, it’s –for now– a small collection of illustrations based on the color synthesis, because colors are so much harder to control than anything else for a man like me who construct everything with light, that I have to work on it as much as I can!
Visit Simon’s Site: http://www.resonance-art.com/