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Nina Ostensen-Hocevar, aka Ninocka, is a self-taught digital illustrator with a passion for patterns and color, which is apparent across the range of her work.  We love the patterns she creates and the letters she designs; in fact I’d love to wallpaper my house with her patterns because they have such an inherent warmth and beauty, and happiness.  She is always on the lookout for inspiration from what she calls “everyday things,” making her work thought-provoking as well as extremely accessible.  Ninocka spends her time between London and Ljubljana.   Here is what she had to say about some of her work:


I really like this Robert Byrne quote: “Democracy is being allowed to vote





the candidate you dislike least”



and wanted to have a go illustrating it.


Heavy Burden
There is so much pressure in daily life..trying to earn good money,



paying off the mortgage, looking after the world



and trying to keep it green..


Swedish Winter
I lived in Stockholm for two years and had a really hard time cooping with



their long, dark, grey and cold winters.


Poor little martian Junior being told off by his martian parents…
Visit Nina’s site: http://ninocka.com/