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It is a great honor to have the art of Lou Beach featured on the Love + Water blog.  Not only is Lou one of the most accomplished and renowned artists we know, but I have been a personal fan of his work for quite some time, as well as his brilliant, gut-wrenching sense of humor.  Let’s have a look at an excerpt from the bio section of his site, and then let’s let the work speak for itself:

It may be apocrypha, but the story going around the Beach table is that when little Lou was crib-bound, a stack of magazines and newpapers were placed alongside the teddy bear and blanket. Lou would spend hours tearing the paper into little pieces. This early mess was the beginning of a collage career that has spanned 40 years. (It may have been the earliest known paper shredder as well.)
Truth be told, there was no Beach table. The folks sitting around that plank eating kielbasa were actually named Lubicz. That’s pronounced “loo-beech”. And Lou’s birth name is Andrzej Jerzy Gregor Lubicz-Ledochowski. Why he would change it to Lou Beach has been a source of no small consternation to his mother, but a blessing to receptionists everywhere.

All the pieces below, except the last three, are personal pieces for an upcoming show I’m having with my two kids in November here in L.A.  The show is called Gene Pool and both of my kids, Alpha Lubicz and Sam Lubicz, are terrific artists.

Elephant Milk
Book Cover Illustration
Recent Email Promo
World of Men
World of Men won a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators in NY

Visit Lou’s Site: http://loubeach.com/index.html