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How cool is Freddy Boo?  So cool, we say, because he creates images that make us smile and that’s a gift we never underestimate in an artist.  Extraordinarily talented, Freddy works in London and is debuting his contemporary editorial style, which is nothing short of delightful.  Have a look at what he had to say about some of these wonderful pieces:


This image was produced from a sketch I did from memory, it helps to strengthen your


observation skills. Traveling back home at night on the Piccadilly subway commuters 


where entertained by sounds of Rock ‘n’ Roll by this busker.




A personal piece, portraying a successful football manager.




Love it or hate it the Vuvuzela will be remembered for the South Africa 2010 World Cup.


I’ve portrayed that buzzing sound in this colourful illustration.




Illustration produced for Illustration Friday, topic, Paisley. This is a weekly challenge to interpret a 


topic posted every Friday. I love to use a minimal colour palette, the images can be pretty striking.


Cycling London


I created this image for the London Transport Museum


and Association of Illustrators Cycling in London Competition.
Visit Freddy’s website: www.freddyboo.com
Updates on News Blog: freddyboo.blogspot.com
Follow Freddy on Twitter: @boofreddy