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A few reasons we LOVE the work of Helena Garcia: she makes designs and paintings consisting of whimsical characters, her inspirations come primarily from Japanese aesthetics, 60’s cartoons and vintage design, and she enjoys eating desserts and napping with her chihuahua Kiko.  OK, so maybe I feel a kindred spirit in her, but her work is undeniably that of an accomplished artist with a knack for creating inspirational, uplifting pieces that appeal to both children and adults.  Some of her clients include The Girl Scouts of America, BUST Magazine and The UTNE Reader- another list that is a thrill to my soul while speaking volumes about the quality of her work.  Here is what Helena had to say about some of her pieces: 

Alpaca and Pal
This is a personal piece of my recent obsession with alpacas and their contribution to Andean culture.

When Ape Met Mod
This was my submission to an exhibition called “When the Ape Met…” that will be held in Spain.  This piece is representing Apes in the mod counter culture.


Gameboy Girl
This is a self portrait of sorts used for the branding of my illustrations.  It consists of my Nintendo DS and my best pal and chihuahua, Kiko


A personal illustration of a Tanuki (Japanese for raccoon) wanting acorns for a snack.  I try to sneak in personal pieces whenever I can between projects.

Canoeing for Dinner
A spot illustration of an Inuit girl for the Girl Scouts Brownie handbook.  Wanted it to have a slight “Its a Small World” feel.
Visit Helena’s Site: http://helenagarcia.com/
Follow Helena on Twitter: @birdybot