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Jen Hill is a doodler who happens to let her characters evolve into interesting, clever and ultimately fantastical stories that drive the narratives of her work.  It’s no wonder she is a freelance animator for Sesame Street, as her work brings a visual education to anyone who views it, particularly children.  Jen seems to have a knack for capturing the essence of of story in her pieces.  She also does incredibly cool projects such as designing a symbol language for a tech company that makes communication devices for nonverbal populations, predominantly children.  She is presently shopping a children’s book she has written and illustrated.  Here is what Jen had to say about some of her work:

These ladies are in some kind of eastern European village. Whoever they are waiting for is late. (Gouache, 9 x 12)

This tree is outside a castle where an aging princess sits strumming a mandolin.  There are companion pieces to this series, which is inspired by a picture I had on the wall of my bedroom as a child in which a 60’s style large-eyed girl strums a guitar. (Gouache, 9 x 12)
A depiction of a favorite tween pastime: the occult. This shows my best friend Eva and me toying with dark forces. I doodled it absentmindedly one day and discovered later that it bore quite a resemblance to her, which inspired me to create a finished piece. (Gouache, 9 x12)
Part of a 10-part series I may turn into a book. Here is a woodsman with his coterie. He is trying to convince the deer to follow them. Why does the bear look apprehensive? (Gouache, 16 x 20)
Maybe this is why. (Gouache, 8 x 10)
Later at the cabin they dance under his spell. (Gouache, 9 x 12)
A picture I painted for a spring promo card. (Gouache, 10 x 14)
A picture I painted for a summer promo. (Gouache, 10 x 14)