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Viewing Amy Schimler’s art is a little like eating pie on a hot summer night- a homemade pie, that is, with all the right stuff inside.  It is light, colorful, refined with an undertone of the guiltiest of pleasures that still somehow feels good for you.  Her work is definitely good for the soul, in our opinion, because while she illustrates for children and greeting cards, which is in itself a delight, she speaks to people of all ages through her mastery of her craft and her whimsical way of capturing truth in the world around her.  Amy’s clients include Target, Baby Gap and American Greetings, to name a few.  Here is what she had to say about some of her work:

This was an illustration for “Highlights High Five Magazine” about the change of season from Winter to Spring. It was a page in a mini book that the young readers could assemble themselves. 
Blue Bird Garden
Portfolio Piece that was illustrated for the greeting card market.

This is one of my favorite textile designs that is licensed by a fabric company. It is so much fun to see projects on websites such as Etsy that have been sewn with the fabrics.
Book Spreads
These are a couple of spreads from a children’s book, titled “Why is the Sky Blue?” that I illustrated for Ladybird Books.  This book was chosen by booktime.org to be distributed to students starting school for the first time this fall in the UK.
Self Promo Card
This was an illustration that I used for a recent self promotional postcard.