Jacqueline Wagner is a London based freelance designer specialising in hand-made 3D illustrations, and boy do we LOVE her work!  Her work is refreshingly unique and bold, with a conscience.  Here is what she had to say about her wonderful approach to creativity:

 I mainly create small-scale sets in a variety of materials, which I then photograph.  In the past I have also turned my creativity to the production of a costume for a short film and a life-size installationI am originally from Germany, where I worked for four years as a graphic designer, before coming to England to study illustration. 

Editorial for the German Magazine Emotion. The article ‘Hurrah we are alive!’ discusses our fear of looming catastrophies and disasters, while highlighting the benefits of living in an affluent society. I love those jobs where you do everything from concept, over set design to taking the actual photograph.

One of five illustrations for the Dutch magazine Opzij. The images accompany the findings of an extensive survey in “The Big Mens’ Issue” which discusses how men see themselves, women and their relationships. 

I really enjoy working with different materials and for different media. This is a freelance job for Wind and Foster, commissioned by First Light to design and create a Russian cosmonaut costume for use in a short film. Details of the creative process can be seen on my blog.

The Radio Tank was created for promotional materials for a new play about psychological warfare, set in a radio broadcasting station. IsoProductions commissioned the illustration and the play was performed in the Old Red Lion Theatre, London. Many thanks to photographer Alena Jascanka.

Occasionally I also work as freelance set designer for other people. This was a freelance job for ContainerPlus, commissioned by Iris. I worked together with other set-makers in a team to create objects for the Showtime Sony brochure.  I especially enjoyed creating the lamp shade, blind and rainbow for the cover and a 3D cheese and paper parrot for the inside of the brochure.  

Visit Jacqueline’s Site: http://www.wagner.de.com/